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Here's a fact:  If you can address and debunk the
mysteries of teenhood for your child - while they are
still young enough to listen - you're not only giving
them valuable information, you also freeing them
from a lot of anxiety.  In doing so, you're giving them
an opportunity to focus better on important things
like school and preparing for adulthood and it's

Here's what the experts say:
    Educating adolescents at an early age about their
    expected development decreases the possible
    anxiety associated with this period of life and it also
    helps adolescents make better choices in regards to
    their sexuality. (Omar H, 2003).

    The building of self-esteem can enhance student
    learning, skill development and improve self care
    behavior (O'Dea, 2002). Helping children develop
    self-esteem based on their uniqueness, interest and
    talents can be a protective factor when facing
    developmental transitions (Harter, 1998).

    Knowledge about bodily changes during puberty is
    important not only for the psychosocial development
    of young adolescents, but also for self esteem, body-
    esteem and initiation of safer sex behaviors.
    (Couineau, December 2006).
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The IAGB2 line of products provide smart
and  affordable ways to provide an
invaluable lesson.  

Click here for information on our
various seminars and products
including our Parents Workshop
IAGB2 teaches parents to be resources for their children.  And we make it
easier for parents to get the information they need to help them raise healthy,
safe teenage children.
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