Changes to Moods
    If you are a young teenage or pre-teen boy your body is going to start to change.  

    You probably have already seen or felt the changes and that's why your reading this right
    now. It's important to learn how to take care of yourself & to know about good hygiene and
    personal care.

    You're becoming a young man and you seriously need to start thinking about how you look,
    smell and feel if you want to stand out in a crowd... but in a good way!!!

    Because if you don't want to be babied by your folks, then you have to start thinking and
    acting like an adult and that means learning about your body and how to best care for it.  
    Take a few minutes and do some research.  Click on the links below to find basic
    information on the physical and emotional changes association with growing from a boy into
    a man.
Physical Changes